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Future of Packaging

Future of Packaging

Release Date: Each January

Professional Accreditation: IEMA (as part of MSc)

Lead Organisation: IBERS, Aberystwyth University

Learn the facts about plastic and develop a sustainable packaging strategy for your business

With around one third of our food wasted and in the context of the ongoing scandal of plastic pollution, the packaging used for our food and drinks is the source of critical problems and potential solutions for achieving a more sustainable society. The aim of this module is to assess the challenges and opportunities around packaging, and to provide businesses with the tools to develop their own packaging strategies.



We've recorded a short Podcast, titled "Plastic Packaging: Problems, Progress and Prospects"

In this episode, Dr Mathew Jones talks about the pros and cons of plastics and their use in the packaging industry. He also shares details of the Future of Packaging distance learning module offered through BioInnovation Wales.

Listen to the podcast below!


The course will consist of a series of lectures and guided learning focused on:

List of Units

Product quality

The role of packaging in improving the product delivered to the customer and reducing food waste

Product security and safety

Accidental and deliberate contamination and damage and how packaging reduces the risks


How packaging can affect customer choices and drive sales

GHG emissions

The carbon cost of producing packaging

Environmental impact

Investigated impacts, from micro-plastics in the sea to litter in parks

Economic costs

The economics of packaging, from the cost of production to the storage space taken up by packaged products

Governing packaging sustainability

Who is and who should be responsible for improving packaging sustainability? What drivers are there for improvement?

Circular economy solutions

Packaging and the waste hierarchy; extending the packaging value chain

Packaging in the future

As new technology transforms our food supply systems, what is the role of packaging in the future?

Case studies

Exploring real world examples of packaging challenges and solutions


Tutors Name
Dr Richard Kipling


Sarah Ivens, Food Centre Wales

"I have completed the Future of Packaging module – the content is excellent! There is a big gap in everyone’s knowledge on this. Everyone wants to do the right thing and it’s unclear as to what this is! The module gave me really good insight to the plastic cycle, deepened my knowledge of the many packaging conundrums; and has pointed me towards what I need to know. I also gained an understanding of EPRs and some of the wider issues surrounding Waste Management."

Sarah Ivens, Food Centre Wales Sarah Ivens - Food Centre Wales
Mark Davies

The position that we have got ourselves into, of an unsustainable relationship with single use items, is retrievable with joined up thinking and some energy and drive. With the necessary direction of travel a circular economy is possible. With my better understanding of packaging and its relationship with the wider world, I am hopefully more able to give guidance, which could be used to provide more sustainable solutions.