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Biorefining Technologies

Release Date: Each June

Lead Organisation: IBERS, Aberystwyth University

NEW - Provisional Conrent

Drawing on research from both Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities this module will look in detail at current and emerging technologies, examine the validity of mining for value added minor components whilst leaving large quantities of biomass for secondary processing; and look at layered approaches to valorisation e.g. within micro-algae. The module will provide a series of units focused on:

  • Physical, chemical and biochemical conversion processes

  • Natural and synthetic enzyme technology

  • Microbiology biotechnology

  • Biomass pre-treatment/upstream processing

  • Separation technologies/downstream processing

  • Design and construction of an integrated biorefinery concept

  • Natural products and conversion to industrial products by green chemistry

  • Advances and innovation in biorefinery technologies

  • Chemometric data analysis.