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Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change

Lead Organisation: IBERS, Aberystwyth University



Behaviour Insight draws on physiological and psychological research, to develop ways of transforming human action. An understanding of this emerging social science can benefit anyone needing to convey an effective message to a specific sector or the wider public.

Why don’t new innovations or interventions seem to be taken up as soon as we’d like? We’ve provided evidence that they work, everyone thinks they’re a good idea but, even if they have all the relevant information, people still don’t behave as you’d expect them to. That’s because people are not really rational! We tend to think we are ‘thinking beings that feel’ but evidence is showing that we are more often ‘feeling beings that think’. This module will be developed in conjunction with the Aberystwyth Behavioural Insights Interdisciplinary Research Centre and will help you to understand the theory of behaviour insights and show how it can be applied to a range of situations.

This module is aimed at:

  • policy makers
  • knowledge exchange professionals
  • marketing personnel and people managers


Tutors Name
Dr Sarah Watson-Jones