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Distance Learning

How is distance learning delivered?

Each distance learning module runs for 13 weeks and is delivered entirely online. Learning material in each weekly unit is made up of: a printable study guide, videoed lectures and discussions, downloadable podcasts (for listening to in the car), guided reading, interactive quizzes, and an online discussion forum. To participate you will need access to broadband that can stream a YouTube video.

Modules Available

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Learn about the latest advances in the field of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and how to ...

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Future of Packaging

Learn the facts about plastic and develop a sustainable packaging strategy for your business With a...

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Life Cycle Assessment and Beyond

Evaluating environmental impacts: do your assessments measure up? Life Cycle Thinking is at the hea...

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Livestock Health and Welfare

NEW This module is focused on reducing the waste caused by poor health and welfare. It draws on the...

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Precision Livestock

  Learn how technology can improve resource management in livestock production Precision live...

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Research Methods

The Research Methods module is compulsory for anyone wishing to complete an MSc or MRes. It provides...

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Sustainable Supply Systems

A look at innovative approaches to economic and environmentally sustainable supply systems Food and...

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Waste Resource Management

Take a Circular Economy approach and learn how ‘waste’ can become a valuable resource T...

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Meat Processing

  Learn about new and established technologies for meat processing and product development. M...

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Behaviour Change

Learn how to increase the uptake of new knowledge, ideas, products and policies While behaviour cha...

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Public Goods

  What are public goods? How might they affect your business? The concept of public goods is ...

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Membrane Filtration Technologies

Reduce “waste” and recover water by refining your by-products Adding value to liquid &l...

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Fermentation for Food Applications

Learn how to develop, refine and scale-up processes for brewing, yoghurt and cheese making, probioti...

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Horticultural Science

This module will explore the underlying scientific principles which enable the practice of sustainab...

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Microalgal Technologies - Progress Towards a Circular Economy

Microalgal Technologies workshop - 13 July 2022, book your place here  Podcast discussing the ...

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