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Study Options

How is the training delivered?

Our largely online programme is designed to allow you to study without the need to take time out of work. However, our blended modules provide short workshop elements for some of the more practical elements. If you intend to work towards a full Masters you will also carry out a research project.

If you are on a low income you may be eligible for help with the cost of travel or dependent care in order to attend workshops.

Which Modules Should I take?

You can start with which ever module most interests you and take as many or as few as you like, either as CPD [link] or to build towards a range of post graduate qualifications [link]. We will be adding new modules every 4 months so there will be plenty to choose from – and if you have an idea about a course you’d like to see provided, just let us know.

Blocks of modules are delivered in a rolling programme, with start dates in January, May and September. The blocks are repeated each year to allow you to cover all your module choices over your years of study: if you are unable to take one in any year you can take it in the next.

How much work will I need to do?

Our modules are designed to be flexible so that you can fit studying around your work and other commitments. Our students report spending 10 to 15 hours a week per module studying.

If you are working full-time we strongly advise against taking more than one module at the same time, at least until you have completed one and are aware of the workload entailed.

How will my work be assessed?

There are no exams. Each module contains one practice assignment and two assessed assignments. These include tasks such as: completing a report as if for a trade journal, reviewing the latest literature, data analysis, essays, process design, digital stories or online presentations. Each module also hosts a weekly forum and you will be required to submit your best forum posts for assessment.