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Fee Waiver

In line with our aim to support business growth, sustainability and productivity through training programmes linked to research and innovation, we are now able to offer our distance learning modules to the vast majority of students working or living in Wales FOR FREE. This offer will continue until free modules are used up and is subject to eligibility. If you are working additional information will be required from your employer. Get in touch to find out more. 

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Breakdown of Current and Future Fees


Study Component

Minimum time to Complete

Until 30th April  2023*

Fee from May 2023


14 Weeks



MSc Dissertation**

1 Year



MRes Dissertation**

2 Years



Prof Doc (Annual Research Fee) **




*Applies to modules started or research completed before the specified date
**Fees for research projects straddling fee bands will be apportioned accordingly

Sarah Ivens, Food Centre Wales

"I have completed the Future of Packaging module – the content is excellent! There is a big gap in everyone’s knowledge on this. Everyone wants to do the right thing and it’s unclear as to what this is! The module gave me really good insight to the plastic cycle, deepened my knowledge of the many packaging conundrums; and has pointed me towards what I need to know. I also gained an understanding of EPRs and some of the wider issues surrounding Waste Management."