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BioInnovation Wales is aimed at existing and ‘would-be’ technicians, consultants, researchers and managers working throughout the food and biotechnology pipelines: from raw material production, to processing and refining, to product development, to waste management and valorisation; or those wishing to move into these sectors.

Who can apply?

Anyone living or working in Wales who either has an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject OR at least 2 years’ relevant experience can apply to study through the BioInnovation Wales programme and work towards a range of postgraduate qualifications

If you don't have a degree or relevant experience, you are welcome to take a module for the sheer joy of learning! You can choose whether to take assignments or not; and if you do successfully complete assignments and want to go further we can accept you onto the Master's programme

Apply here and select NQPG. You will need to reapply if you want to use any of your credits towards a qualification.

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Do you think you might want to use these towards a qualification in the next 5 years?

Apply here and select MSc – this will give you options to continue but you won’t be committed to completing the MSc

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Apply here and select MSc.

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What is your qualification aim?

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Sorry, this programme is not currently available to you but Aberystwyth University does have other on-line programmes that may be of interest contact to find out more.

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