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Apply to be a Student

If you live OR work in Wales you are eligible to become a BioInnovation student with no cost for modules taken before August 2021! However, since this is funded though the European Social Fund, we will need to collect some additional details. This short form will allow us to:

  • confirm your eligibility
  • find out what modules or qualifications you are interested in; and 
  • start the application process

If you don't have a degree or relevant experience, you are welcome to take a module for the sheer joy of learning! You can choose whether to take assignments or not; and if you do successfully complete assignments and want to go further we can accept you onto the Master's programme

Apply Directly

If you are confident that you are eligible then you can apply directly via Aberystwyth University and we will send you supplementary forms to establish your eligibility for a free module .All applications are made through Aberystwyth University. The links below will take you to the correct area of our website all you need to do is click on the Apply Now Button when you are ready to apply.

Apply for MSc Use this option and select MSc for MSc, PGCert or PGDiploma (you won't be committed to the full MSc)

Apply for MRes 

Apply for a Module If you just want to take a single module apply through the MSc route and select NQPG as your qualification aim.

Unless you are just applying for a single module, you will need to upload:

  • A short personal statement
  • Degree Certificate or details of 2 years relevent work experience
  • Written References (one for MSc or two for MRes or DAg)
  • Short Research Proposal (for MRes or DAg)

If you require any help, contact us on