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10 Reasons Why Distance Learning is Great!

1. Cost

Distance learning can be the most cost effective means of studying. E-learning providers do not have the same delivery costs that traditional universities do, so these savings can be passed on to the student. In addition, because distance learning can be done from home, travelling costs are significantly reduced, resulting in fantastic value for money. BioInnovation Wales is also heavily subsidised for those living or working in Wales, providing even better value for money.



2. Ease of Access

The ease of access is what attracts a number of people to distance learning. All you really need is a computer, an internet connection and you’re good to go! All lectures and virtual tours are uploaded onto a central server so that they can be accessed at any time. In addition to this, online forums are available so that students can ask any questions to tutors, as well as to discuss aspects of the course with fellow students.

3. Access to Experts

Online lectures are prepared by experts in their field. If students have any questions in relation to the content covered by the online resources, the lecturers are available via the online forums or by email to discuss anything further. In addition to the lecturers, students can also gain a valuable insight from guest speakers from industry, who provide a real-world view of the taught content.

4. Comfort

Is there anywhere better to study than from the comfort of your own home? Say goodbye to uncomfortable lecture theatres and sit back on your sofa with your laptop with a cup of tea and a piece of cake. A comfortable and relaxing working environment makes for a much better learning experience.

5. Eco Friendly

Distance learning is an incredibly eco-friendly approach to gaining new knowledge. With no requirement to travel to lectures, students’ carbon footprints are kept to a minimum and since the material is delivered online, there’s also no need to print endless reams of lecture notes. You’re welcome, mother nature!

6. Diversity

While most traditional university courses are attended by recent school leavers, the diversity of students taking distance learning courses is considerable, each with their own reason to study. Students are young and old, from those seeking employment, to those at varying stages of their professional careers. The diverse backgrounds of distance learners contributes greatly to the distance learning community.


7. A Route To Qualification


Although a number of students take distance learning modules purely to learn about a new subject, taking these modules can also be a route to an accredited qualification. By combining credits obtained by completing accredited courses, students can build towards a postgraduate qualification, which will look great on any CV.

8. Convenience and Flexibility

Convenience and flexibility has to be one of the major benefits of Distance Learning. Gone are the days of getting up early to crawl to a 9 o’clock lecture, distance learning offers the opportunity for students to study when they choose, meaning that the work can be fitted around work and family commitments. This flexibility also means that students are able to work at their own pace, with the freedom to work wherever they like.

9. Immersive Virtual Tours

One of the great features of distance learning is the ability to partake in online virtual tours. Video tours give students unprecedented access to real-world industrial settings that would usually be off limits to large groups of students. The ability to offer virtual tours also adds a new level to the learning experience, with no travelling cost to access these amazing locations. These tours are also available to be re-viewed whenever students choose to.

10. Adaptability

E-learning enables lecturers to rapidly create and communicate new information and disseminate this to students. New research, as well as changes in legislation and policy can be quickly developed into online content so that students have most up-to-date information to hand.


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