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Professional Doctorates

The aim of our Professional Doctorate programme is to offer a qualification which, whilst being equivalent in status and challenge to a PhD, is more appropriate if you are pursuing a professional rather than an academic career. It provides a career development path but it also offers a route for industry to engage in meaningful research.

The doctoral route starts with the MRes which forms Part I of the doctorate.

Part II is then undertaken for a minimum of three years (part-time) or two years (full-time) and comprises a longer thesis (up to 60,000 words). This thesis will involve experimentation and must embody the methodology and results of original research. It should, ideally, build upon your Part I dissertation.

If you are interested in undertaking a Professional Doctorate please contact the BioInnovation Wales team to discuss your ideas at an early stage. Since the programme is funded until April 2023, you will need to register early as possible to ensure that you have time to complete your studies.