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MSc in BioInnovation

The MSc in BioInnovation is worth 180 credits and can be achieved by successfully completing:

* these can include upto 2 modules from Sustainable and Efficient Food Production. However these modules are subject to full fees (£850 per module)

Students participating in the MSc in BioInnovation are entitled to free student membership of IEMA for the duration of the course and on successful completion, will be entitled to use the suffix GradIEMA. Find out more.

Veronika Norman

‘Each module tempts you into wanting to know more! They provide a good foundation which allows you to take your learning in the direction you want to go.... I have enjoyed the realisation that there is always more to know about everything and loved the process of learning.... The format works well; I can access learning where and when I want to and work pretty much at my own pace with the deadlines there to stop me from procrastinating!’