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Exemplary Course Award, July 2019

We are proud to announce that our first BioInnovation module, Future of Packaging; and our Research Methods module have both received Highly Commended awards at Aberystwyth University’s Exemplary Course Awards. Well done team!





What our Students Say...

Interview with Ed Morgan, Castell Howell Foods, Nov 2019

Interview with Sarah Ivens – Food Centre Wales, June 2019

Sarah Ivens

"As a team at Food Centre Wales we recognise that it’s really difficult to get businesses to engage with innovation. We see our role as looking ahead at upcoming technology and being able to disseminate new information to the industry. We saw the BioInnovation courses as a way to update our knowledge so we could better cascade this to our clients.

I was quite apprehensive about coming back into education again. I was mainly worried about how I’d be able to manage to find the time to study but actually it’s been great! All the staff have been really supportive and encouraging and the online lectures and key papers are really easy to access. The lectures are really interesting and because they are cut into short 20 minute videos, I can easily dip in and out when I have a quiet moment in the day or in the evening; and I’ve loved the access to scientific journals that the course provides.  Now that I’ve got the hang of learning online, I’m using my time much more effectively.

I have completed the Future of Packaging module – the content is excellent! There is a big gap in everyone’s knowledge on this. Everyone wants to do the right thing and it’s unclear as to what this is! The module gave me really good insight to the plastic cycle, deepened my knowledge of the many packaging conundrums; and has pointed me towards what I need to know. I also gained an understanding of EPRs and some of the wider issues surrounding Waste Management.

I am now taking the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) module which leads on really nicely from Packaging and provides some of the answers to the packaging issues by looking at its end-of-life scenarios. The LCA module has really opened my eyes to the range of free tools out there for carrying out LCAs and I will definitely be recommending these to clients, especially in the red meat supply chain.

I’m planning on taking the Behaviour Change module next so that I can put what I’ve learned into practice and help businesses to change how they are approaching these problems. Ultimately I’d like to take the Research Masters, I realise that I am taking more taught modules than I need to for this qualification, but they’re just so interesting!"